Testimonials About My Work

Here are some work references, each one comes from long-term work relationships, four years or more. Let me know if you would like to contact any of my references directly and I will provide you with additional contact information.

“When I have a tricky SQL problem, first I do a Google search, and if I’m still stuck I ask Chris.”
–Steve Sequenzia, Data Scientist, Financial Industry

“Chris completed a large data warehousing project for us in 2014. Since then, he has been available to make on-going changes, and create new reports whenever we need him.”
–Carlos Perez, Network Dynamics

“I met Chris in 2006, when we both owned I.T. companies that were Gold Certified Microsoft Partners. I totally respect how he scaled back and directed his career to focus on the work he enjoys doing. He works like a true craftsman.”
–Alex Zaltsman, Innovimobile

“Chris’ trustworthiness and dependability are equal to that of our most valuable employees. I’ve offered him employment on several occasions, but he is dedicated to his solo practice.”
–Mike Baron, CIO in Bakersfield, CA

“I have the good fortune of knowing Chris outside of work, and I must say he puts great energy into everything he does and every relationship he has, personal and professional.”
–Jose Fernandez, Florida Compass Group

“Chris has helped us become self-sufficient with our SSRS reports, and it’s great to be able to call on Chris when­ever we need a little extra help with things.”
–Chris Earl, business analyst in Orlando, FL

Overall Competency and Fit

In addition to professional references, there is additional information on this website to help you evaluate my fit as a freelance BI developer.

See For Yourself

I would like the opportunity to add your name to my list of references, (although I rarely ask anyone one for favors like this). Whether or not you’re ready to make a decision about your need for a remote SQL developer, please feel free to check in with me. We can discuss your situation and I’ll help you figure out the next step. It’s my pleasure to help you figure things out.

Email: chris@majorleaguereports.com
Phone: 407-865-4940