Work I Prefer Not to Do

While I am typically a very positive person, and eager to please, I have figured out that it’s not a good idea for me to do a few types of B.I.-related jobs as the main focus of an engagement. I listed them below.

My skills are well-rounded, and in situations where I am providing continual, on-going work for a client, then it’s perfectly fine that these things come up and get assigned to me. I often do this kind of work as part of my client engagements.

If one of these roles are the main reason you need someone like me, then I have to say, regretfully, “I’m not your guy.”

SQL Tech Support

This comes up often when my adversing is actively running online. I will get a call from someone who is working in SQL, is stuck, and needs help.

Please don’t get the wrong impression. I am more than happy to provide support to my clients who work with me for B.I. development, but if your main need is just to have someone you can call when you’re stuck and if you just need SQL tech support, then I’m not your guy.

SSAS Multidimensional Development

I’ve done this work in the past, but I have moved on to SSAS Tabular. I really like how it works, and (oddly) I like the DAX language. I’m not a fan of MDX, though — really, who is? So, if you’re open to using SSAS Tabular instead, let’s talk, but if you’re dedicated to MDX, then sorry, I’m not your guy.


This is a hard call. I have to do these things all the time, and I’m very comfortable with this line of work. However, unless your focus is really on the development side and the DBA work is occasional, then it’s not a good fit for us both. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll happily create new SQL Agent jobs, backup/move databases, etc. when it’s ancillary to a development project, but if you only want me as your SQL DBA on call, then sorry, I’m not your guy.

Please Don’t Leave on a Bad Note

I’m not comfortable listing out the work I don’t want to take on for a number of reasons, among them I don’t want you to get the wrong impression. If you haven’t already, please visit the weblink below that tells more about me and how the role of BI developer is perfect for me. Thanks!