Remote SQL Developer


My name is Chris Adragna and I am a remote SQL developer. I work as an independent contractor, specializing in SQL data. I’ve been an I.T. professional for 25 years, and I started working with SQL in 1993 at Raytheon where I was a business analyst. My work is 100% dedicated to SQL, so I’m highly experienced with SQL development and reporting. My work includes:

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Reports (SSRS)
  • Writing stored procedures in T-SQL
  • Graphing and Data Visualizations
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

If you need a remote SQL developer, but don’t want to hire a full-time employee, you can have me complete the work you need. I work on an hourly basis, or for a fixed price on larger projects. I do everything remotely without ever coming onsite. I can work with your existing databases and reports, or I can develop completely new solutions from scratch.

To help you determine whether my services fit your needs, this website provides a couple of case studies. I have also posted a few articles and videos that help anyone who is not an expert in SQL understand some of the things that might come up from time to time.

SQL Expertise and Work History

There is more information on this website about my professional experience:

SSRS Reports Case Studies

As a form of reference, feel free to review these case studies. The first is a complete system that was built out of several existing data streams that are regularly, automatically imported into a database I created and reports are pushed out via email to subscribers. The second is ad hoc (custom report) work for an existing application that does not provide them with just the right reports. Therefore I work with their accounting department and a business analyst to design SSRS reports that meet their needs more completely.

Full Reporting System for company-wide call traffic, inbound and outbound calls.
[for an enterprise with over 800 locations. SSRS reports are automatically emailed to more than 1000 subscribers daily.]

Custom Report Creation in SSRS extending report capabilities of an existing enterprise application
[for a major food harvester, processor and distributor]

Next Steps, How to Get Started

Whether or not you’re ready to make a decision about your exact needs for a SQL Developer, please do not hesitate to call or email me. We can discuss your situation and I’ll help you figure out the next step. It’s free to consult with me until we figure out a plan of action that fits for you. It is my pleasure to help you out.

Phone: 407-865-4940